Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
BibVault are committed to respecting our users’ privacy and security.
However, we do collect and use various bits of information about you through your use of the site, to enhance your enjoyment of our service, with the two main types of information being categorised as:
1.    Personal Data – information through which it is possible to identify you directly (names and addresses etc). You will always know when this data is being collected but due to the nature of the Registration Forms, it is not possible for you to access the site or associated services anonymously or under a pseudonym; and
2.    Aggregated Statistical Data – all other non-personal information that relates purely to generic statistics such as traffic flow and demographics. It is not possible to identify you through this data.
Personal Data
BibVault will only collect, use and transfer your Personal Data if you have consented to that collection, use and transfer, except in circumstances where it is necessary to conform to legal requirements; protect and defend our rights or property; or to protect the interests of other users.
This data is collected through Registration Forms. On submitting the Registration Forms you give your consent to BibVaultto:
– collect and store the information that is on the Registration Form, and information about your use of the site including the pages you visit;
– disclose that information with our affiliates for the direct purpose of processing your Registration Forms; and
– where consent has been given, using that information to contact you with relevant material; transferring that information to other companies (subsidiaries or affiliates), and to those companies contacting you with other relevant material.
You may opt out from receiving marketing material at any time by sending an email containing your name and other identifying information contained on your Registration Forms along with the header “Opt Out of Marketing” to [insert email].
Your Personal Data will be passed on to specially selected Third Parties that BibVaultbelieve will be able to supply you with useful information, and for those Third Parties to contact you with relevant marketing material.
Overseas Recipients
BibVaultmay disclose your information to overseas affiliates for the purpose of running and developing the BibVault process and associated services through an electronic format (ie this website). Overseas affiliates are likely to be based in the United Kingdom and/or the United States.
Any Third Parties that information is passed on to for marketing purposes are likely to be based in Australia, but may on occasion be based overseas. Where Personal Data is to be transferred overseas, the recipient Third Party will be advised of their requirement to apply the Australian Privacy Principles to
that information.
On occasion we may collect Personal Data in other ways – e.g. through competition entry forms or other occasional services.
Aggregated Data
Other non-personal information will be collected and used by BibVaultand may be transferred to third parties.
In addition to non-personal information given on your Registration Form, information is automatically collected about traffic around the site. This is also only used in aggregate form and no individual user will be identified.
BibVaultuses “cookies” to speed up access to the site (it bypasses checking the registered user database) and to enhance your experience of the site by customising it according to your interests. A cookie is a small piece of information sent from BibVaultto your computer to help us to identify you quickly. It is possible for you to disable these cookies by changing your browser settings, but this may slow down or prohibit access to parts of the site.
Advertising Agencies
The adverts you see on the BibVaultwebsite are served to the site on our behalf by agents. The agent may use cookies for statistical purposes and to ensure that you do not see the same adverts all the time, and to try and make sure that you see adverts that will be of interest to you. In particular this site uses the services of Google Analytics for the serving and/or targeting of ads, promotions and other marketing messages. To do this, Google Analytics collects and stores anonymous data typically through the use of cookies. To learn more about Google Analytics, visit
Security is paramount to BibVaultwith respect of your data. We use a variety of software to ensure appropriate security and encryption of data so as to protect against misuse, interference or loss of information, or from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.
Maintaining Information
Should you require access to or wish to correct the Personal Data collected and stored by BibVault, please send an email with your relevant contact details to [insert email]. BibVaultwill endeavour to provide access or correct information, where that action is reasonable and practicable.
BibVault may impose a reasonable fee for this service.
Making a Complaint
If you wish to make a complaint with regard to a possible breach of this Policy or the Australian Privacy Principles, or for complaints regarding handling of your other requests or enquiries in relation to this policy this can be done by emailing BibVaultat
What happens to my complaint?
When we receive your complaint we will contact you when reasonable practicable to let you know that we have received it.
We will use reasonable endeavours to investigate your complaint and aim to resolve it. We may contact you for further information.
We will write to you and let you know the outcome. We will use reasonable endeavours to resolve your complaint within 120 days however some complaints are more complex and take longer. We will keep you informed if this is the case.
If for some reason we cannot resolve your complaint (for example, the issue is outside our responsibilities), we will write to you and let you know.
If we are unable to resolve your complaint, you may contact the Office of the Australian Information
Commissioner (OAIC) whose details follow:
Phone: Enquires Line on 1300-363-992; or
Post: Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 2001
Privacy changes
To keep this information current and accurate, we will review and update this Privacy Policy and post the changes to this page.

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